Management Approach


Once the targeted company has been acquired, our intention is to build and, where necessary, strengthen the existing management team.

There will be a high level of concentration upon people management. Leadership, guidance, training and motivation will feature highly. Non-performers will be removed early on.

Our aim is to achieve international leadership in niche markets. Products and services will have high added value and therefore achieve high margins.

Marketing will be given a higher management and resource profile than is typical in technology companies. This will facilitate the process of market leadership on an international basis.

Operational efficiencies will receive great attention in order to improve operating margins and reduce overheads. The combination of these measures, along with tight cash management, will generate funds for Research and Development so that new products and intellectual property may be developed.

The combination of sector growth on an international basis combined with the development of intellectual property will create shareholder value and a higher price/earnings ratio than would normally be the case.

Aquasium Technology Ltd. 2013